Order food or drink in the restaurant or pub with your mobile.

For guests

  • With Brimme, you will receive your order faster
  • You can scroll through the menu with photos
  • Sharing costs with your friends is more convenient
  • Brimme adapts to your habits with the attention for a frequenter
  • It minimizes your contact numbers

For hosts

  • Decrease in contact numbers
  • Loss of income due to long waiting will be less
  • Multiple orders can be fulfilled with the same number of employees
  • Elimination of language barriers
  • You can always have a fresh, personalized menu
  • We give your employees a motivating digital tool to serve
  • And your managers get transparent information about the real sale

Who are we?

Brimme is a gap-filling mobile app that reduces waiting time before ordering.

With Brimme, guests can order easily, quickly, conveniently, paying in advance, directly from the table, without wasting time – saving queuing or waiting for the waiter to arrive.

Our mission

No one likes waiting. When we created Brimme, we were looking for a solution to this problem.

Brimme makes life easier for both guests and restaurants, pubs by minimizing waiting minutes. No unnecessary queuing, no consumption loss, but the same number of waiters can fulfill multiple orders on time so everyone is more satisfied.



I’m interested

Do you have a restaurant or a pub? Are you interested in the details or would you even try the digital order? Send us your contact details and our staff will describe them in written form or explain the details by phone.