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About us

Brimme is a revolutionary mobile phone application designed to reduce waiting minutes in restaurants. With Brimme, guests can order faster, easier and more conveniently from the table, all without wasting time. Brimme makes everyday life easier for both guests and hosts, all while minimizing waiting minutes. End of queuing, end of consumption loss, in return, waiters can fulfill more orders on time, so everyone wins.

The team behind Brimme is extensive and has an active, live network of people who define the market, and has direct access to the mass of the target audience. For many years, we have known ourselves as strategic partners of big-name companies that are dominant in the Hungarian market, and we also work in close cooperation with several of the largest groups of companies operating Hungarian restaurants, pubs and clubs. We are Brimme.

Dr. Huszár Péter

alapító, projektvezető

Bocsor Ádám

back- office

Dr. Schadl Balázs

alapító, ceo

Cséti Péter

account manager

Molnár Franciska

front- office