Guests – Brimme

Wait less

Digital order minutes earlier than usual

Queuing at the bar counter

How many times has it happened that you were at the bar counter before someone else and somebody is talking over your head, it’s hard to make eye contact and have to intrude? Order and pay from mobile then take your drink with the identification screen!

Faster service

Without Brimme, you wait for the waiter at least five times: to order a drink, to order food, to serve, to indicate your intention to pay, and to pay. In the Brimme process, all you have to do is wait for food and drinks to be brought there, nothing else.

More attention

Brimme remembers your previous choices, favorites and habits while consuming, ordering to a table or to the bar counter, paying. It treats you as a frequenter deserves.

Contactless payment

Quick and safe contactless payment

Minimize the number of contacts

Brimme helps to minimize the number of contacts in restaurants and pubs.