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Digital ordering

Orders are placed by the guest to the table or to the bar counter

How does Brimme work?

Flyers, placed on the tables, are provided with all the important information that is essential for your guests!

It includes the table number and a QR code that makes it easier to access the app which redirects guests to the App Store or Play Store. Once it is downloaded, the QR code will immediately direct your guests to the profile of your restaurant where your current offers and menu can be seen.

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They can get their order faster, pay securely, and choose from a photo menu. The system knows their habits based on their previous orders so it provides them the deserved attention of frequenters.

The owner

You can fulfill multiple orders with the same number of employees. There will be fewer unserved guests, less income loss.

The staff

They go to the table half as much, the system thinks of their tip; they can enjoy working with orders as a game and with positive reinforcement. Language barriers will be disappeared.

Ordering via mobile

The order is done by the guests, they can receive personalized offers, their usual consumption, tip rate and favorites can be offered without human labor.


Secure Simple integration, tip management, SZÉP-kártya acceptance, guests can share costs more easily.

Faster service

One-time service instead of visiting guests' tables multiple times. Ordering and payment are done by the guests so no waiter is required.


Key sales data, reports and statements in a clear way.


Card data is managed by the guest and OTP Simple, HTTPS Rest API, separate ownership interface, anonymized GDPR data.


The interface of the host that helps the service, scores and rewards good work in a playful way, notifying them about the tip with a sound.

Bar counter selector

Optimizes the distribution of queuing and service between counters.

Table and bar counter

The closing of the table service and the opening of an order at the counter can be scheduled; the digital orders of the crowd at the counter are managed and identified, as well.

Costumer caller

Designed and superior customer call display for counter service.

No more language barriers!

Brimme, the smart waiter is currently available in English and will be available in German soon.

Smart Offers

It monitors your guests ’consumption habits and preferences, analyzes and sends them to the smart waiter for recommendations.

Why are you waiting? Enter the world of digital hospitality!

In a nutshell, Brimme’s business modell is to make sure venues only win. To use the system, there’s no need to buy an high value special gadgets or software, no overscaled monthly fees, no over the top commissions. See for yourself! Ask for our personalized discounted offer!

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